Eaton Cemetery

Eaton, Weld County, Colorado

Located 1 mile East and 1/2 mile South of Eaton in Section 5, Township 6, Range 65 West.  Frank G. REEMAN originally sold land to the Eaton Cemetery Company (filed for record, 5 Aug 1891, Book 99 Page 355).  On 24 May 1893 the Eaton Cemetery Company sold to the Town of Eaton.  On 24 Nov 1961, Nina A. BOUSLOG of Denver, Colorado sold them 3.23 acres.  The Town of Eaton is the current owner and provides upkeep.  The Town Clerk is custodian of the records.  The first recorded burial is that of Lilian A. WHITE on 26 Oct 1887.  The reading of the stones was completed in June 1975.  Place of death and age, if given, is included in ( ).

Official Eaton Cemetery Website


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