Evans Cemetery

Evans, Weld County, Colorado


Earliest stone inscription; Emma L. HUFFSMITH died June 14, 1863 daughter of A. & S.A. HUFFSMITH. Cemetery location is in Section 19, Township 5 North, 65 West. Inscriptions were copied March 1976. Records are kept at Evans Town Hall. The town was platted on November 22, 1869, the first town to be so filed in Weld County. To obtain a history of the cemetery many people were contacted that were from old families. Some said it had been known as Boot Hill before Evans Cemetery. Others said they had always heard it called Evans. Several said the town records were destroyed by fire in 1903 and the records were destroyed again in or about the year1937. In 1911 vandals entered the cemetery and destroyed 20 of the finest tombstones, and they could not be set up again. About 1957 Mr. Henry BEHRENS, a native and long time business man of Evans, left part of his estate to the cemetery for care and upkeep.

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Early Weld County Burials (located in Evans Cemetery)


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