Higday Cemetery

Weld County, Colorado

Higday Cemetery is located in Township 11N, Range 59W, Section 2 northeast of Grover near the Nebraska border. The cemetery was started by early homesteaders. The last burials were around 1927.
The Centennial State Chapter is grateful to Jackie Glavinick for taking the photos.



Last Name First Name Birth  Death Notes
DODDS W. G.    30 Nov 1918  
FENNS Gordon      
FENNS infant      
FENNS infant      
GILBERT L. H.   1923  
HIGDAY H. J.      
HIGDAY Homer      
HIGDAY Fern      
KENNARD George      
KENNARD Rebecca 28 Sep 1829 27 Mar 1914  
KINNISON Forest L      
KINNISON son of Daniel and Edith 26 July 1915 3 Mar 1916  
KINNISON Dannie      
MITCHELL H. J.      
MUSSER John      
MUSSER Infant son of JT & MA 18 Jul 1916 22 Jul 1916  
MUSSER infant dau of Ether & Howard   14 Jul 1923  
MUSSER Mary 1873 1924  
RAIN L. J.      
SAMPLE Charles      
SHRACK A      
SMITH Howard      
SMITH Laura Murtle 1896 1916